‘Have Your Say’ campaign

The Faculty of Engineering launches a campaign against Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment which deserves merit! For a link see here.

The main points are:

Taking action

  • In the Faculty of Engineering we have taken the following actions:
    we have set up a special external hotline run by Confidential Care (CIC), the College’s current employee assistance provider, where you can speak confidentially to a professional counsellor on the issues affecting you and your colleagues and remain anonymous (if you wish)
  • We have tasked CIC to produce a strictly anonymous report indicating the scenarios and key issues
  • We will use the report to challenge any behaviours that detract from the fantastic environment we work in

You have a voice!

  • Take action and do not tolerate poor behaviour
  • You do not have to suffer in silence
  • Silence gives people permission to continue in their poor behaviour