ICUCU Newsletter No 1

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Autumn 2015

Welcome to the first edition of the quarterly newsletter for Imperial College UCU members. Our aim is to increase communication with our members and to highlight issues of concern or interest. We would also welcome any comments or suggestion from you. Please send these to

Michael McGarvey President of Imperial College UCU

Introducing your Branch Committee

In each edition of the Newsletter we will include a short biography of a member of the Branch Committee.

Tom Pike, Vice President of ICUCU

I’m a professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering where I work on developing space instruments for planetary exploration. I was part of the team that sent a microscope station to Mars on the 2008 Phoenix lander and am currently busy making a seismometer to listen for Marsquakes on the InSight mission launching next year. My role on the Imperial UCU team has a particular responsibility for the annual pay negotiations which have been local to Imperial since 2004. We have been successful in getting pay agreements above the national level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Members’ entitlement to legal support

In brief, the UCU Legal scheme covers employment rights, personal injury (including workplace stress) and police enquiries. You must be a member of UCU with up-to-date subscriptions and unless you joined UCU at the earliest opportunity you might not be eligible. You must also have been a member for at least 90 days. UCU will not meet legal costs it has not specifically authorised. See,

UCU Bullying & Harassment Survey

Results of survey

You may remember that we carried out a survey of UCU members in the spring of this year. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaire. 71% of respondents told us they had experienced bullying or harassment in the last 12 months while 53% had witnessed other staff suffering such a fate. Over half reported that the most disturbing effects of their experiences were: loss of confidence; anxiety; loss of sleep; while a quarter suffered from depression, irritability and feared going to work. 64% felt there was a bullying culture at Imperial and 71% believed that the organisation’s policy on Bullying and Harassment was ineffective. If you would like to see the full results please email:

UCU Branch work update

Pay Negotiations

In a consultative ballot held in August 2015, 76.5% of Imperial College UCU members voted to reject the 2015 pay offer of a pay increase of 1% or £450 whichever was greater. The manner in which this pay offer was released by management to all members of the College before the union negotiators had been given a chance to respond to it is a serious concern for UCU and the other Imperial College trade unions. It now puts at risk the confidence that the trade union side can have of pay negotiations being conducted in good faith in future. A meeting to discuss this will be held on 8th October (see below).

Refugees are welcome here!

UCU stands with migrants and refugees against racism and scapegoating. Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) is organising a repeat delegation to Calais on Saturday 17 October to take donations for the refugees there. One of our reps at Imperial College will be joining the delegation. If you want to donate, please contact the UCU office and we will arrange collection. Please note that only the following items are needed: non-perishable food; good quality clothing for men and women: hats, scarves and coats; shoes – preferably trainers or walking boots with laces; toiletries, candles, tents, blankets, sleeping bags, CDs, books (in any language), phones, chargers, laptops. For more information, go to the facebook page: or If you wish to donate any items, or to help out, including with our stall between 11am and 2pm on Thursday 15th October, please contact Roddy at or at 020 759 48935

Dates for your Diary

ICUCU Branch Meeting

We will be holding a branch meeting of UCU members to discuss pay, on Thursday 8th October at 13.00 in Lecture Theatre 130 in the Huxley Building. Please come to the meeting as your support is very important for our future negotiations with management at Imperial.