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Pay Negotiations

UCU negotiates your pay directly with College, along with Unison and Unite. More members  = greater influence. We negotiate wages for all academic and academic-related workers at Imperial College London. The 2018 Pay Claim documents are below:

Summary – Joint Imperial College Trade Unions Pay Claim 2018

Imperial College JTU Pay Claim 2018

For 2018, the timetable for pay negotiations is:

  • Friday 20 April 2018: Imperial Joint Trade Union Pay Claim Meeting
  • Tuesday 24 April 2018: Pre-Local Pay Bargaining Meeting (to discuss outcome of Pay and Benefit Review), with Trade Unions and Management
  • Tuesday 1 May 2018: Local Pay Bargaining meeting 1, with Trade Unions and Management
  • Friday 18 May 2018: Local Pay Bargaining meeting 2, with Trade Unions and Management
  • Friday 15 June 2018: Local Pay Bargaining meeting 3, with Trade Unions and Management

UCU members of the pay meetings:

  • Michael McGarvey (President)
  • Tom Pike (Vice President)
  • Amanda Sackur (Regional Representative)

College Management members of the pay meetings:

  • Louise Lindsay (Director of HR)
  • Audrey Fraser (Head of HR)
  • Lynne Cox (Director of Research Office)
  • Jane Neary (Head of Campus Services)
  • Tony Lawrence (Director of Financial Management)
  • Neil Alford (Associate Provost – Academic Planning)
  • James Stirling (Provost)

Local Pay Negotiations until 2015

Local Pay Bargaining takes place on an annual basis at Imperial, involving negotiations between the College and the Joint Trade Unions (JTU), during which the joint Trade Unions negotiate pay on behalf of all staff at Imperial College whether or not they are members of a Trade Union.

Local Pay Negotiations 2015

The Joint Trade Unions at Imperial College have received from the employer a revised proposal concerning the 2015/16 pay settlement for College staff. In light of this new proposal (an increase on the employer’s previous ‘final’ offer, to 1% or £450) the current consultative ballot of UCU members is being halted.

The joint trade unions were informed by Imperial College management that the letter containing the ‘improved award’ was to be posted on the College’s pay bargaining webpages, thereby preventing the joint trade union negotiators from taking a considered view and responding within the context of the agreed pay negotiations framework at Imperial. This highly regrettable disregard for the agreed processes undermines recognition of the trade unions at Imperial College and puts at risk our ability to conduct pay negotiations in good faith.