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Annual General Meeting & 2016 Pay Negotiations Meeting – 7th July

The Imperial College UCU Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 7th July 2016 at 12.30pm in the Read Lecture Theatre, 5th Floor, Sherfield Building, South Kensington.  This will be immediately followed at 1:00pm by the Imperial College Joint Trade Unions (JTU) Pay Meeting.

At the AGM we will be electing committee members and branch officers. The committee has been very active this year and is keen to recruit new members. If you wish to stand for election to the local committee at any level, please contact us as soon as possible.

The JTU negotiators have been engaged in discussions with management over the 2016 pay claim for all Imperial College employees.  We will be presenting an update on these negotiations at the 2016 Pay Meeting immediately following the AGM.



Meet Your Local UCU Reps – Tuesday 24th May

Come and meet your UCU representatives, discuss local issues and discover what your Union is doing for all staff at Imperial College. We will be talking to members, and potential members, on Tuesday 24th May 2016, 12:00pm – 2:00pm outside the SCR on the 2nd floor, Sherfield Building.

Come along and find out more about us and the reasons why it makes sense for you to join UCU you including:

  • UCU negotiates your pay directly with College – more members  = greater influence
  • UCU represents staff on Health and Safety, Equality & Diversity Committees. Join us and have your say
  • UCU meets with Senior College management representing your interests
  • UCU can provide advice and support on a range of issues: bullying, harassment, redundancy etc
  • UCU membership is tax deductible and postdocs can join at reduced rates. For subscriptions see:
  • As a UCU member you will have the power to influence and improve the terms and conditions of your employment and working environment

Contact us for an informal discussion or apply online.

See here for the UCU 6 reasons flyer.

If you are already a member then please encourage your colleagues to join UCU.

Joint Trade Unions Pay Claim 2015/16

The first meeting of the annual pay negotiations, between the Joint Trades Unions (UCU, Unite and Unison) and the College management, took place on May 6th 2016 with further meetings scheduled over the next few weeks. We will keep you informed of the results of these meetings.

To read our case, please see the PDF below:

Imperial College JTU 2016 Pay Claim

Here’s a spoiler: Imperial pays the lowest average salaries of all the London members of the Russell Group, when last year it recorded its largest surplus ever of £143.5 m, equivalent to nearly £20k per member of staff.

‘Have Your Say’ campaign

The Faculty of Engineering launches a campaign against Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment which deserves merit! For a link see here.

The main points are:

Taking action

  • In the Faculty of Engineering we have taken the following actions:
    we have set up a special external hotline run by Confidential Care (CIC), the College’s current employee assistance provider, where you can speak confidentially to a professional counsellor on the issues affecting you and your colleagues and remain anonymous (if you wish)
  • We have tasked CIC to produce a strictly anonymous report indicating the scenarios and key issues
  • We will use the report to challenge any behaviours that detract from the fantastic environment we work in

You have a voice!

  • Take action and do not tolerate poor behaviour
  • You do not have to suffer in silence
  • Silence gives people permission to continue in their poor behaviour


Pensions update April 2016

Despite considerable objections by UCU members, the USS Pensions Scheme is changing, starting in April 2016. Further information on these changes can be found at the main UCU site. UCU is negotiating on your behalf on the latest changes to the USS Pensions Scheme


Members of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) had been in dispute with their employers after the umbrella group, Universities UK, tabled detrimental changes to USS pension benefits in autumn 2014.

UCU members have voted to accept new proposals for their pensions and not restart a marking and assessment boycott at 69 UK institutions. Two-thirds (67.1%) of those who voted agreed to accept the new proposals.